What is an Ethical Naturist anyway?

A search of online dictionaries turned up the following definitions of the words “Ethical” and “Naturist”:

Ethical – Conforming or relating to

a: a set of moral principles, a theory or system of moral values

b: the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group

c: a guiding philosophy

d: a consciousness of moral importance

Naturist – A person who

  1. appreciates the beauty and benefits of nature.
  2. is a nudist.

So, combining the above, one can say that an Ethical Naturist is a nudist who appreciates the beauty and benefits of nature and whose nudism is guided by a moral consciousness and a set of moral principles and values.  See “A Naturist Manifesto.”

When the term Naturist is used on this blog, it should be considered shorthand for Ethical Naturist.

INF Definition –

Another definition that may be useful is that produced by The International Naturist Federation.  It reads as follows:

Naturism is a way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self‐respect, respect for others and for the environment.

Nudist Vs. Naturist –

Generally, these terms can be and are used interchangeably.  However, given the particularities of the definition above, some distinctions can be made between Nudism and Naturism and may be appropriate.  For purposes of this blog, Nudism will be used as a comprehensive term that captures all practices of non-sexual nudity for purposes other than hygiene.  Artistic nudity, protest nudity, religious nudity, festival nudity, and streaking are all different practices that are forms of Nudism but not necessarily Naturism.  Naturism too is a form of Nudism.  However, for purposes of this blog, the term Naturism will be used to capture Nudism that embraces or is motivated by the philosophies expressed in “A Naturist Manifesto.”  So, all Naturists are Nudists, but not all Nudists are Naturists.  That said, the term Naturist will be used here liberally and without dogma.  People are attracted to Naturism for a variety of reasons, and will fall differently along a spectrum of Naturist principles and values.  The philosophical aspects of this practice may be highly important to some, while for others the motivation may be primarily recreational but their conduct is respectful and consistent with Naturist values.