Dale Sneaks Into A Nudist Camp

Every nudist/naturist has a story.  The process of taking that first leap or of being a practitioner navigating cultural taboo is a journey.  Everyone who has taken this path has had challenges that brought personal growth, and the narrative of their life has been shaped by the experience. 

Today, we share one such tale found on YouTube titled Dale Sneaks into a Nudist Camp.  It concerns a young man who innately senses the essentiality and rightness of nudism to who he is.  A good-natured pastor’s son, Dale is curious and irrepressibly drawn to what he has been told is prohibited.  Forbidden knowledge is a classic temptation, and he decides to perpetrate a deception of his parents to travel secretively to a nudist camp.  His adventure is filled with trials and tribulations, but he is rewarded by the discovery of the uniquely human and convivial qualities of nudist culture.  Many readers will nod or smile when they hear aspects of his story that are common to their own experience.

Dale’s journey is not easy.  He has a series of hardships as well as nervy and awkward moments.  His initial trespassing into the camp is particularly challenging (and comical), but after 20 minutes, his eyes are opened to the normalcy of it all.  He observes that there are all kinds of bodies, and that no one is embarrassed; all are accepted.  He feels released; curiosity turns to appreciation, and he feels free and relaxed about the body.  He notices that people seem real, open, relaxed and happy, and he feels encouraged by a joyful presence of humanity that he had not experienced before.  It is an epiphany.  He committed some wrongs to get to there, but they turn out to be those painfully awkward, fully human stumbles to a moment of grace.  The taboo he broached is rendered faulty.  What he experienced is, in fact, good!  But for a sunburn, his adventure finishes all’s well that ends well… especially because his mother did not pry.  He crossed the Rubicon, and his life changed for the better.

Enjoy listening to this and reflect on your own naturist journey.  A link is provided below.


Note: If you are under-age, don’t use this video as inspiration to do something foolish.  Times have changed, and Dale took a risk.  Such a trip today could present considerable danger, and you are likely to cause problems for everybody involved.  There are safer ways to bring Naturism into your life.