Naked Snacks for Thanksgiving

Your body is a blessing, flaws and all.  The gift of life is a wonder, in easy times and hard.  We are coming upon Thanksgiving, a time to be grateful, to rest and to eat, hopefully with ones we love. 

With thoughts of food and feast, here are some suggestions of things to put on the table.  We admit we are suckers for any product branded “Naked.”  These pictures are not an advertisement; we are not getting anything for this.  We are just Naturists; we like Naked.

We also endorse the messaging of these products.  They are being marketed as Naked to communicate that they are pure and natural and therefore wholesome, healthy and good.  These are core qualities of Ethical Naturism.  So, any enterprise that promotes Naked to the broader population as pure and natural, wholesome, healthy and good is on the right track as far as we are concerned. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all.