The Benefit of Community

An Ethical Naturist life offers many gifts, but the benefit of community may be among the most enriching.  Spending time in a collective group that shares the common bond of clothes-free culture is life affirming and can greatly aid in the pursuit of a healthy mind in a healthy body with a bright spirit.  We are social animals after all, and social nudity is a truly fundamental and authentic way to relate to others.

While there are many ways to experience community (neighbors, church groups, book groups, sports, recreation and so on), Naturist communities, in our view, are special.  For the most part, Naturists are simply just a bunch of nice folks… who happen to have no clothes on.  However, the level of honesty and trust that emerges when nothing is hidden tends to promote a good-natured culture of openness and respect that is challenging to find in contemporary society.  Just about everybody in a Naturist setting lets down facades and shields they normally display in their textile lives.  A myriad of societal pressures dissipates, and people feel freer.  Consequently, there is a quality to the fellowship and friendship of a Naturist community that resonates with one’s sense of humanity in a positive way.   For many, this experience is extraordinary, and their first encounter with social nudism, particularly the naturalness and normality of it, is a revelation. 

There is also a camaraderie among Naturists in community.  This is still a minority practice that does not enjoy broad social acceptance.  Misconceptions and taboo remain, and there is enough stigma that people can suffer adverse consequences if “outed.”  So, those that do embrace this life know how great it is and enjoy being amongst brethren.  The affinity is pleasing and affirming.

As a community, Naturists are also pretty diverse.  Many clubs are made up of people from dramatically different economic classes, educational backgrounds, and political persuasions.  It is heartening to share a hot tub and laugh with an earthy liberal and an evangelical conservative getting a soak together.  The company of folks with handicaps or life scars is also present at times and enjoyed.  Stripping away the artifices of everyday society with Naturism may not overcome people’s differences but it does seem to enable a fair measure of tolerance and shared humanity. 

Consciousness of social justice issues is on the rise, and some point out that Naturist/Nudist clubs tend to be largely Caucasian and not LGBTQ oriented.  This is true.  In many cases though, this may just be a function of who shows up.  We have observed clubs and resorts as generally being welcoming to all.  It may seem radical to a radical, but it is possible to leave a lot of identity stuff in the car with one’s clothes and, for a while, to be simply naked and human with those around you.  In camp, one can be Naturist/Nudist first and other identity second.   That said, this is an evolving area, and we encourage more diverse folks to take the plunge and give community Naturism a try.

Of course, Naturist clubs and associations are by no means perfect.  Yes, there can be cliquey groups.  Yes, a few people can be jerks.  Yes, if you are shy or a single male, it can take a while to make friends or feel part of the scene.  However, time, familiarity and trustworthy behavior does pave the way into the fabric of a community.  The bottom line is that, all things considered, properly run Naturist communities can offer a functioning model of more convivial and harmonious society.  There are many problems in the world today, with issues of ethics, morality, sense of self and personal conduct.  Experiencing a positive Naturist community, even for a short while, can be uplifting and of great value.

So, find your way to a club and stay a while; become a regular if you can.  Put away the phone and computer.  Enjoy some sports, games or pleasant conversation in the pool or pond.  Walk in the woods.  Get back to Nature, and live easy in the company of a group of like-minded individuals.  It will make your life better. 

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